Sunday, May 31, 2009

Reality sux, but in the meantime I have Chilli-tomato lentils

So I have been burying myself in my literature review basically to distract myself and avoiding the very real family crisis that is going on at the moment - given I am far, far away and feeling a little helpless.  My mum has been told that her heart is so badly traumatised by her congestive heart failure (not to mention al the other things) that they cant replace the pacemaker that is currently failing - she wont survive any type of surgery and they basically they have sent her home with the expectation that she wont see out the year.  So Im gutted.  My supervisor has been good and said I can take time off to go home - but I need to time it right given I cant afford to make the trip more than once.  I was trying distraction but apparently not that well.

So I was head down bum up trying really hard to focus on the lit review - but with the help of a friend realised that to a large extent what i was writing was skimming the surface, trying to cover too much and not enough detail.  It also hasnt been any near where the level of my writing usually is - so it is in other words crap! So i have set it aside and made up a new plan of attack hopefully supervisor will agree to it.  Starting next week after an intensive programming course which I had asked for earlier prior to the current goings on but I need to get my shit together and get things done - focus Eppendork - focus!  But it's hard.



Unbalanced Reaction said...

That is such a shitty situation. I'm be thinking about you and sending some virtual hugs.

PhizzleDizzle said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about this.....I'll be thinking of you and your mom.

Samia said...

Thinking of you and your mother...*big hugs*