Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pink No More

Tired of gingham - so March!  I am had long day at the Biosafety cabinet chickens so Eppendork is tired and thought about Abel Pharmboy's little titilating rant about vaccintions and sexy, sexy videos.  I was going to have a rant balanced discussion about the pro's and con's of vaccinating your beautiful children - very little con's lots of pro's to be very honest and how more discussion and talking with people who don't have 7 year degrees is a good thing (and I realise here that saying if you have Phd or a MD you are going to vaccinate your child is not always true but more likely I think if the PhD is in some form of Science).   How ever I don't think it matters how much we the microbiologists, the medical plethora and other scientists say vaccinate your child those who really dont want to aren't going to. Which saddens me but not a lot you can do about it.  I still think it does border on child abuse - when a disease is preventable it should be prevented.  Fullstop.  End of story.  If you want a nice discussion about how vaccines work ToasterSunshine has one.  I am just too sleepy.



Unbalanced Reaction said...

A former roommate of mine is in the medical field and actively tells her clients NOT to vaccinate their children. Words fail me. Love the new look!