Friday, June 5, 2009

It's a good day today

I feel slightly like I have a manic-depressive relationship with my supervisor.  One its good and he's happy and all is right with my world (sometimes I feel really good).  Then the next day he will just be tearing strips off me and handing my arse to me on a plate and I feel like what the hell was I thinking doing a Phd.   Kinda like this:

SELECT * FROM "Eppendork"
WHERE "EmotionalState" LIKE  'F%'
ORDER BY "Dayoftheweek" 
AND "Houroftheday"

Which roughly would give you the hours and days of the week where I felt F**d or Fabulous. Yes this week has been good for SQL and me making a start on learning Python.  I got excited today by:

n = int(raw_input('What's my favourite number?: '))
if x >4:
print 'No that is not my favourite number!'
elif x<4:
print 'No that is not my favourite number!'
print 'Yes that is my favourite number! Woot!'

I know baby steps - its the small things.