Wednesday, February 11, 2009

OMG - That's Fantastic

Sometimes when Eppendork needs a bit of an uplift (I was going to write a blog about my recent programming marathon with two particularly good programmers and baby programmer E - but that can keep for another blog) - now after a long day doing stuff I myself signed up to do and enjoy doing I am tired.  This darling readers was Eppendork's up lift for today - words to the effect of OMG that's fantastic may have been heard to come from my lips.   I seriously think that had I not jumped on the Bacteriology wagon - I would have been a full on, card carrying, gun toting Parasitologist - they are just that cool.

PS:  Lovely Isis since you were distracted  and couldn't do Hot shoe of the week I your faithful follower have shoed it out for you with these hot hot hot babies which I think I may just cry over cause they are just that beautiful.

That is all for now.