Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hap Hap Happy V'day to you all

Figure 1: Eppendork's beating V. day heart

So feeling particularly in a happy full on, doped out high on sugary self bought chocolate and a few glasses of rose (cause it was valentines day (now isn't as Eppendork fell asleep due to wine but had good intentions) and her beloved is a million miles away doing man stuff) - I found this beautiful little geek fest Vday poem.

# open HEART by Eric Windisch, Feb 15, 1999

open (HEART, ">for_me");
for ($this-valentines-day; $you and $me; $together++) {
$you = "My special one";
$me = "Your darling";

%time = ($you => $me, $together => "forever");
while ($you = push(@me, @away)) {
foreach (@second) {
die a_bit to my $death;
goto hell;

pack $my_bags, @and_leave;
package my_love;
unless(!$i_see_you) {
write YOU_SOON;

reverse keys %time;
bless me;
for (last; kill $me;) {
if ($you) {

Oh be still Eppendork's beating heart - the Sandy kind not the Edgar Allen Poe kind.  I do love me some comp geek (and yes my own beloved is a comp geek, tho he refuses to admit to it).  I now have an inane desire to sing "I love you in the morning and in the afternoon.  I love you in the evening and underneath the moooooooooon!".  Which may well just be extra chocolate I found that was left over from yesterday - cause really Eppendork doesnt hang out with too many purple dinosaurs that she knows of.

Happy Vday to you all.



Unbalanced Reaction said...

Cute. Best thing about Valentine's day: post-Valentine's day chocolate clearance!!

Toaster Sunshine said...

Nice script.