Sunday, January 18, 2009

Possibly Procrastinating Now

Figure 1: I shall call him Bob - wait we arent meant to name them are we?

So Eppendork is procrastinating just a little, just enough to cast her purtty blues over the online New York Times when I came across this little gem of an article.   It amused Eppendork greatly - although if she was being serious then using your offspring as test subjects may well be ethically dodgey - but look at that picture - how cute is that kid????   It sparked off a bit of debate in the readers comments but I personally think its about where the lines are drawn if I just video tape my kid unobtrusively for the first year of his/her life and they dont know about it - how is that harming the child?  I don't think it is - when you take them out of the home setting doing MRI's etc on them that's when it steps over the line for me.  What do you think?



Marisol said...

I didn't read the whole article, but I got the gist of it. I think that in certain research this sort of practice could be unethical, but frankly, in this case I think it is rather benign. Now he has some great footage of his kid growing up. You know he definitely caught the first word, the first steps, etc... He just has a *little* more footage than the average parent. Ha ha. I thought it was an interesting article!

I'll be back... ;o)
Marisol aka ExtrovertScientist