Sunday, January 25, 2009

OMG it's cold

Let us just review the past 48 hours or so - Eppendork packed her bags (forgetting her raincoat grrrr - just stupid) and hopped on the first of four planes to get to her new home town for the foreseeable future.   I have made a few observations about travel and the new country so far:
  1. Eppendork has the demeanour and face of a nefarious person.  To count I was wanded four times during the trip and for want of a better word "felt up" by an overenthusiastic female guard at Airport 4 of the five airports I visited.  I also had a delightful conversation with another customs lady at Airport 2 who engaged me by enquiring about what I was doing on my travels and then we talked about my upcoming Phizzle Dizzle - during which time she wanded me and swiped both of my bags for drug residues all with a smile on her face.  Mental note: baby steps maketh the evil scientist. 
  2. Two empty seats on plane B = sleep budget business class styles.  One seat squished next to strange man = one hour of sleep because you are so so tired that it is impossible for you to stay awake and 11 hours of watching movies and tv of varying quality.  Eppendork can now officially say that she can fall asleep at the drop of a hat - after much sleep deprivation.
  3. Airline food is not always good - worse when one meal is good and the next is very bad.
  4. When people tell you it is cold where you are going - believe them and remember your raincoat.  Standing in the pouring, driving ran (when the sun has started to disappear at 3 pm) for twenty minutes huddled in the doorway of a hairdresser who looked at you funny when you rock up bags in hand and asks if she minds if you use her phone and stand in her doorway, is not fun.  Landlord eventually arrived but not before I got very cold and somewhat wet.
  5. Rain will stop when you purchase the umbrella you didn't have last night.

Eppendork starts her Phizzle Dizzle tomorrow - wish me luck!



microbiologist xx said...

Good luck!!
I would love to be able to sleep through travel, but I cannot sleep in a chair (unless, like you, I am severely sleep deprived and I just pass out from exhaustion).

Toaster Sunshine said...

People always make fun of a trash bag poncho until they need one.

Good luck in the strange new land and good luck with the PhizzleDizzle!

Juniper Shoemaker said...

Good luck, Eppendork!