Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm so sick

So sick that I wrote sik three times before I could get the word spelt properly.  I wanna bitch about American Idol - are you all so stupid that if they tie them up with a bow they're gonna make it in the fickle, fickle world out there?  Removing anyone of any real interest - bar the guy with the indie bent - makes AI a dull show - cookie cutter molds are destined to fail - cause the flavour is going to change and no one wants your gingernuts any more.  And really why isnt there a Science Idol - hmmm?  Well I realise there is the Nobel prize but thats for people who have been there done that a lot - kinda the point of the prize.  Seriously, where is the competition for noobs who have talent but just lacked their 'big break' - huh?  

I may need some more flu meds.