Monday, March 9, 2009

Open Letter to Adobe

Dear Creators of Adobe Illustrator,

I am a great fan of Adobe - where would be without our faithful versions of journal articles?  I for one am really, really grateful - I love my interesting reading and pretty, pretty pictures therein associated with said articles.  However, Eppendork is not a computer geek - although evidence to the contrary (learning various scripting languages should not be taken as evidence of the former), and finds programmes such as Illustrator very cool, just not very intuitive at all.  

Figure 1: Any of these geeks will do - I am sure the Apple guy will know!

I spent an hour and a half this morning trying to figure out how to import a picture and then recolour it - figured the first bit out pretty quick - the rest of the time to figure out the later.  Sufficient to say Eppendork is not stupid - just hasn't worked with your program before.  I would be completely in your debt if your computer savvy boffins could figure it out for me and other non-computer geeks. 

Luv and Hugs,



Toaster Sunshine said...

The apple guy will neither. My general impression of Apple people (except for the Unix geeks) is that they buy Apples so that they can use the computer easily without having to worry about how it works.

I'm not familiar enough with Illustrator to help you. Sorry...

Unbalanced Reaction said...

You will show Illustrator who is boss soon enough!