Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm out and I'm proud

Hello my name is Eppendork and I write a pseudononymous sci-curious blog.  I started this as a way for me to blog about (crap) important stuff that was going on in my search for just the right kind of scientist I wish-hope-wanna be.  Little did I know I would find out that I had a latent talent girls and boys - not hula hoop dancing, not how many M&M's could possibly fit in your mouth should you ever try, not intuitively knowing Gregory House style that the cat likes the warmth feverishly dying people give off.  No darlingks I Eppendork - Current Queen of the Pink Gingham - have (Eppendork hangs her head - sigh) an apparent latent talent for writing scripts - computer program scripts - not pharmaceutical scripts before you get excited.  

Figure 1: Yes, Eppendork does look this hot, but will try hard in the future not to search for hot geek girl or eve comp geek girl in Google.

I wrote my first real script today that actually did something useful rather than "Hello World" or similar.  It was a short little script and it really only changed a few things in the database but it saved me work and I wasn't expecting to feel proud of myself for doing it - but I did (blush).    I kinda feel like scripting will save a shedload of time and effort in taking care of my db's (eww listen to me db's) in the future.    



PhizzleDizzle said...

chica, writing a good script to save you time is an EXCELLENT skill. it can make the difference in the end of your degree as you have to sift through mountains of data!

good for you!!!!