Monday, December 1, 2008


Figure 1a: Eppendork looking fabulous and feeling fine
obviously not started her Phizzledizzle as of yet.....

Voila and I am here!  Eppendork has arrived with many thoughts a bustling to the fore and many streamers and pretty glitter sparklies floating down from the ceiling.  Eppendork is currently a molecular micro research technician at lablab, but who come 2009, will be packing her pretty patent leather pumps and bedazzled gilsons and heading over to the EU.



Abel Pharmboy said...

Haha! First!!!

Loved your pseudonym when I saw your comment at Isis so I had to come over and take a look - welcome, and I look forward to your posts.

btw, you might consider changing settings to allow those without Blogger IDs to comment - if you click on mine up there, it'll go to my old blog, not my current one.

Just like an old codger blogger to whine to the n00bs - sorry!

Again, welcome!!!